My UX Design Internship 



3 Month, Design Internship

My Role

Experience Strategy, Visual Design,

Interaction Design, Prototyping


I interned as a UX Designer at Google this past summer where I worked with the amazing Google Duo team to make connecting with close ties special.


3 Projects, Concept Pitches, High Fidelity Flows, Prototypes, Documentation, 

"The Squid emoji is your favorite??"

— Google Employee

My Experience at Google


Some Takeaways

— Shoot For the Stars

— Mouth Open & Questions Out

— Try Everything, and Then Try It Again

This summer, I had the amazing opportunity of venturing out to Seattle to intern as an UX Designer alongside the team of awe-inspiring designers, researchers, project managers, and engineers that bring Google Duo to life.

My time at Google was filled with a bunch of firsts.  It was the first time I stepped foot on west coast soil. It was the first time I ate Korean BBQ – 10/10 would recommend. It was the first time I could explain to my grandma what I did and she understood, and it was the first time I was challenged with designing global experiences that over a billion people interact with on the daily.

Though terrifying at times and sometimes overwhelming – I rose to the occasion, learned a ton about myself and what type of designer I want to become, learned from some of the best designers, met a bunch of eclectic people that I will cherish forever, and ultimately designed new features and explorations that will help people stay in contact with their loved ones.

Though I can't talk specifically about what I worked on during my 3-month internship I can say that my experience at Google allowed me to give and receive valuable feedback, taught me about OKRs and how to design around them, allowed me to work in design sprints, gave me the space to appreciate making mistakes, pushed me to design at scale for a large audience, taught me how create better relationships with developers and other product stakeholders, gave me a newfound respect in focusing on the user, and molded me into a more confident designer. 

I can go on, and on, and on, but if you want to chat about my experience at Google just let me know!

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