When I'm not deep in the weeds of a wireframe, I'm a surface level hobbyist that experiments with anything around me. It's all in an effort to continually grow that thing I call "my noggin".

Here's a few of my explorations.

[in]Appropriate Responses

I created an iMessage Sticker Pack for the perfect responses for any moment.

Made with  Pencil + Procreate & Coded in XCode


Meaning: Especially Amazing

A Lewq
A Lewq

Means: Something that you are wearing looks amazing.

Artboard 2@2x-8
Artboard 2@2x-8


Meaning: Especially Amazing


Trials of Harmonia

As a side project, I banded together with some of my homies to make a video game about collaboration and control.

Video Coming Soon
Apple iPhone XS Silver.png

AR Experiements

Made with Snapchat Lens Studio or Xcode


Sometimes, the coder comes out and I make one-off experiments like faking gravity powers or drawing in AR.

Random Creations

In my down time I try to create at least one new thing a day. Most times, I just let my mind wander and see where is goes.

Made with Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator,  Pencil + Procreate , My Hands, or a combination of all of these


Formerly, I was an event planner – focused on creating remarkable and magical moments and experiences. 


I coordinated live concerts, small activations, and even produced & choreographed a fashion show, amongst so much more. 

I'd like to think my passion for crafting memories still fuels me, deep down inside.


Explore a Case Study


Case Study


Designing a New Way to 

Understand Mental Health.


Case Study

FOCUS by Hinge

Fostering genuine connections through a dating app.



UX Internship

Learn about my experience as a UX Designer on Google Duo.