Duolingo for Business

While at Duolingo, I designed our very first B2B, wholesale site where businesses can purchase premium subscriptions of Duolingo for their organization.

My role

Lead product designer


Purchases on Day 1!


Businesses can't easily purchase Duolingo subscriptions for employees

Demand from companies for language learning resources to offer as benefits to their employees was at an all time high at the start of the pandemic. However, Duolingo did not have a way of making these purchases easy.

Seeing this as a huge opportunity, we ventured to create a way for companies to purchase subscriptions seamlessly.

How might we create a simple way for companies to get Duolingo for their employees?


A website for bulk purchasing Duolingo subscriptions

An informative and fun homepage

The homepage is made to show the best of Duolingo without being overly intimidating. The interactive site includes detailed explanations of the business offering while providing fun moments of interaction (like animations) that help depressurize the purchase experience

Painless checkout experience

Customers can purchase their subscriptions directly through the site — without having the speak to customer service at all.

This checkout experience ensures that customers do not have to wait for access and employees can start using Duolingo that same day.

Dear Diary...

Many thanks to to thanks to ENORMOUS but FABULOUS team that helped
bring this dream to reality. I hadn't designed a website in a while, but really enjoyed getting to go back to my web design roots :')

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