Google Duo


I few summers ago, I interned as UX Designer at Google as a member of the Google Duo team. Google Duo is a video calling product that helps folks stay in touch, and I got to design experiences that deliver on this promise.


  • My Role: Product Design
  • Team Size: 5


  • Designed and shipped high value features for Google Duo on web
  • Pitched a product vision and new concept for Google Duo to my team and executive stakeholders


Google Duo is all about giving people a way to connect, even if they're far apart.

At the end of the day, most folks just want to connect with their loved ones (and have it be reliable too!). While I was a member of this team, I designed features big and small for Google Duo that helped deliver on this promise. Additionally, when I saw an opportunity to expand on this promise, I delivered a concept experience to take advantage of this.

Throughout my time on this team, I covered a lot of ground and made a big impact on the team and even bigger impact on myself. I'd like to thank the hiring committee (lol). But seriously, all thanks to my team, the friends I made, and KBBQ.

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