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The Attractions

All the thrills of the rides, just in a smaller size.

The Attractions are a collection of smaller components

from some of my past hustles. 

MooLissa The Cowbot

She's beauty, she's grace, she's a

chatbot designed to make table reservations at Chick-Fil-A

as seamless as possible!

Tools Used: Chatfuel & Facebook Messenger


Gravity! AR

For a Marvel superhero that could control gravity. I created a Snapchat AR Filter to showcase the hero's skills.

Scan the code on your Snapchat App to try it out!

Tools Used: Snapchat Lens Studio & Illustrator



Each year, my team and I planned Homecoming Week. The LipSync Competition is where student groups LipSync for the crown. This year, my team decided to do a little routine to show everyone how real lip singing is done.

#HappyPeriod Month

#HappyPeriod is a social movement focused on providing menstrual hygiene kits. One year, I brought this movement to campus and included a yoga class, a cycling class, days of service, and much more. The event garnered over 16,000 donations!

Fashion Show

For two consecutive years, I planned an HIV & AIDS Awareness Fashion Show. The show included: fashion modeling, choreography, a condom dress competition, and an after mixer.