It's me, Jeremy

Your resident beard enthusiast, foodie, movie buff, playlist junkie, Super Mario fan, and Experience Designer!

Who is Jeremy?

It was at that moment he knew his task was simple: make everyday moments as magical as amusement parks...

I grew up in a house with 6 boys (guess who's the oldest – hint: it's me!), so naturally my parents were always looking for something to handle all of our unique energies. They found this magical safe haven in amusement parks. My family stayed with season passes to Kings Dominion (near my hometown of Richmond, Va), Universal Studios, Disney World, Busch Gardens and much more. We would spend our summers traveling up and down the east coast to visit these parks. I fell in love with the magic from day one, and most of my favorite memories are related to one of our many days at the parks.

As a child, I assumed that going to an amusement park everyday was normal for everybody, but I soon realized that not everyone has access to go to amusement parks. However, everyone has moments where they are interacting or experiencing something. Realizing this, as a designer it is my goal to bring the same craftsmanship and magic that happens in amusement parks to everyday experiences so that everyone can have a moment of joy.

After a brief stint living in Washington, DC for undergrad, I returned home to Richmond, Va to pursue a Masters of Science in Business with a concentration in Branding & Experience Design at the VCU Brandcenter. Each day, I'm getting closer and closer to realizing my goal – one idea at a time.

Lessons from Amusement Parks






PS: It involves a lot of thinking and scratch paper

Design Process - transparent.png

My design process is a reflection of how I navigate and tackle any challenge. Exploration is all about getting to know the space that I am working with to attain a in depth understanding of. I also use this phase to explore any new technologies or tools that are floating about in the world. Ideation is where I begin to generate potential routes to solve a problem. This . Designing & Testing is represented by the loop as I believe this is a interative process. I always seeks for feedback early on and during the design phase so that users have an input on the design. Designing and Testing in this cycle allows me to allows keep the audience in mind. I design through user journeys, personas, acting, drawing, sketching, coding, prototyping, and making. I test by letting users walkthrough prototypes, conducting mock scenarios, and getting critiques. Reflection is the last part and includes evaluating the performance after launch and also reflecting on the journey it took me to reach this point.

The magic of my design process being a roller coaster is that it always loops to start all over again.

My Toolkit

Sketch, Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma, Invision, Xcode, Diagramming, Prototyping, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Swift, Wordpress, Scraps of Paper

Me as a Designer



Movies are gateways into another world. I make it a mission to see at least 4 movies a month.


The tie for my favorite movie is between Spirited Away and Kill Bill (Vol 1).


Game Nerd

I've been playing games since I can remember. Playing games so much even granted me the childhood nickname of "Bowser" by my dad.

I'm currently playing Super Smash Bros.



Music is my bestfriend, I always have a song stuck in my head. 


My friends joke and say that I'm an "old soul" Maybe that explains my affinity for old school music. Check out this playlist I have been working on.



I believe that eating is a monumental experience. I enjoy all types of food and have even eaten Shark a few times. The only thing I won't eat is chocolate (long story)


But my hands down favorite food are Tomatoes (so yummy!)