My 2022 Recap

We created the best way, on Instagram, to recap the moments (both big and small) that made your year special.

My role

Lead product designer

Fun templates for
easy creation

Reels Templates make it easy to create reels on Instagram. With templates, people can quickly copy edits of existing reels — which saves a lot of effort on people's part.

For this experience, we created 4 templates each with a different vibe for capturing the year. Templates contained different clips, lengths, etc to give people the choice to find the right template that fit their year best.

Custom audio to backtrack your year

Nothing sets the vibe better than music. Knowing this, we partnered with celebrities with iconic voices (looking at you Bad Bunny) to accompany and narrate the ups and downs of anyone's year.

Each template is paired with a different custom audio track. Audio tracks were performed by Bad Bunny, Priah Ferguson, Badshah, and the iconic voice known as DJ Khaled.

Made in Webflow